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Study Finds Undocumented Immigrants Half As Likely To Commit Crimes As U.S.-Born Citizens

Culture & Community By O. DELGADO
Study Finds Undocumented Immigrants Half As Likely To Commit Crimes As U.S.-Born Citizens

Turns out the "drug-dealing rapist criminals" were born right here in the United States.

A new study reports that US-born citizens are up to 5x more likely to be arrested for homicide, sexual assault, robbery, and drug crimes, while research shows undocumented immigrants prioritize work and educational opportunities.

“They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists," Trump declared in his now-famous campaign speech decrying the evils of "illegals." Like the vast majority of Trump's speeches, this one was heavy on the hyperbole and very light on the truth.

For years, research has found no evidence linking immigrants, legal or undocumented, to increased crime rates. In fact, a study published in the journal Criminology found that "increased concentrations of undocumented immigrants are associated with statistically significant decreases in violent crime.” Basically: more undocumented immigrants equals less crime and safer communities.

Regardless, the Trump administration made illegal immigration its top priority, spending more on immigration enforcement than all other criminal law enforcement agencies combined. And yet, despite Trump’s aggressive immigrant removal programs that have traumatized countless families and terrorized communities, we have seen no reduction in crime.

Because, as it turns out, undocumented immigrants are actually far less likely to commit crimes than US-born citizens.

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA found that US-born citizens are more than twice as likely to commit crimes as undocumented immigrants - in some cases, significantly more.

US-born citizens are over 2 times more likely to be arrested for violent crimes like sexual assault and homicide, 2.5 times more likely to be arrested for drug crimes, and 3-5 times more likely to be arrested for property crimes, i.e. robbery, burglary, theft, and arson, the study reports.

Why are undocumented immigrants so much less likely to commit crimes?

“Undocumented immigrants are driven by economic and educational opportunities for themselves and their families,” write the study’s authors, citing a paper in the National Bureau For Economic Research.

“The decision to migrate necessarily requires a considerable amount of motivation and planning. As such, undocumented immigrants may [possess] qualities such as motivation to work and ambition to achieve, attributes that are unlikely to predispose them toward criminality.”

“Educational opportunities...motivation to work...ambition to succeed,” these are the priorities and qualities which define undocumented immigrants.

This study, and many studies before it, confirm what we have always known, that undocumented immigrants come to this country to work, to get educated, to make a better life for themselves and their families.

And, if allowed, they will thrive.


Olivia Cristina Delgado