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Latinlive, The Voice Of The New Latino.

 Following Record Platform Growth Rates, LATINLIVE Opens Second Round of Funding

Site Targets U.S. Latino Population

LATINLIVE is a machine learning media start-up focused on super-serving the U.S. Latino, the single largest (and fastest growing) minority segment of the the U.S. population.
We concentrate on a focused media mix that integrates behavior, culture, demographic, geographic and psychographic data designed to optimize results.
Our number one objective is to provide a tangible return on your investment via a mobile/digital media mix that can include influencer marketing, blogger curation, shopper marketing, artist endorsement, ticket sale conversions, social media execution, social media whisper campaigns and hosting, engagement, retail traffic and native advertising.
Our wonderful list of clients include local and national marketers that want to deliver a message to a targeted audience.
Contact us. We'd love to help. 



Eric Osuna, Founder CEO

Daniel Uribe, Chief Technology Officer

Edward Lopez, In-House Counsel, Advisor

Arnoldo Avalos, Advisor

Thairi Kahoiri, Director

Carmen Ramirez, Editor & Vlogger Syndicate Director

Africa Larsen, Sales

Joel Del Rio, Editor , Social Media Curator, Sales 

Jessica Franco, Community Curator

Tanja Luque, Community Curator

Rafael Diaz, Community Curator

Boris Márquez, Community Curator

Sheila Medina, Community Curator

Carlos Leon, Community Curator

D. Todd Carangan, Social Media Curator

Nancy Rosales

Geny Katherine Sanchez, Influencer Manager, Vlogger

Arie Rose, Social Media Curator, Vlogger

Raul Lopez De La Mora, Experiential Manager

Foras Caledron, Social Media Curator

Arjun Patel, Lead Developer


LATINLIVE is based in Berkeley, Ca.

Media, Investor & Sales Questions: info@wearelatinlive.com