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Protestors Yell At Latino Construction Workers To Stop "Stealing" Their Jobs

Culture & Community By O. DELGADO
Protestors Yell At Latino Construction Workers To Stop "Stealing" Their Jobs

"And don't you come back no more."

Protestors congregated at a construction site in Washington DC's Ward 8, forcing it to shut down.

According to My Mixtapez, a hip hop news outlet, the protestors accused the "Mexican" construction workers of "stealing jobs."

"And don't you come back no more," a proster sang out in the video My Mixtapez posted to Instagram, as the Latino construction workers filed off the site. "No more work for them," says the woman filming.

My Mixtapez has since deleted the post, though the video remains on Twitter.



Many residents of DC's Ward 8 are unemployed due to the pandemic, and resentful of businesses hiring outside workers at "cheaper rates."

The residents' frustration is understandable, but they should be taking this up with the business owner, rather than taking it out on hardworking people, likely immigrants, who, like them, are just trying to provide for their families.

The only people who benefit from enmity between working class people, between people of color, are politicians and unethical business owners.

By encouraging working class people and people of color to turn on and blame each other, people in positions of power can deflect responsibility from themselves.

Racism and xenophobia divides us when we should be united in the fight for equal rights, opportunities, and justice.

We're all in this together.


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