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"Gringa Pend*ja": An Abuelita Reacts To Food Network's "Pork Posole"

Food & Drink By A. RUIZ
"Gringa Pend*ja": An Abuelita Reacts To Food Network's "Pork Posole"

Abuelita is not happy.

As far as Mexican YouTuber Rocko Rockz's abuela is concerned, the Food Network's Ina Garten is a criminal.

Well, actually, her exact words are, "pinche gringa pendeja."

Abuela is stone-faced as she watches a video of Ina making her pot of "pork posole," eyebrows furrowed as Ina sautees chunks of pork and bell peppers in olive oil before pouring in canned chicken stock and salsa, minor offenses compared with what's to come.

"Frijoles?" she asks in astonishment, as Ina dumps a can of black beans. Yes, black beans, because, as we all know, it isn't really a Mexican dish unless it has black beans in it.

Abuela's mouth drops open a little as Ina throws handfuls of tortilla chips into the "po-so-lay", her eyebrow going sky high when Ina tops the Tex-Mex nightmare off with more tortilla chips, shredded cheese, sour cream, of course, and "a squeeze of lime" to "wake up the Mexican flavors."

Why do people think that adding bell peppers and shredded cheese makes a dish Mexican? 

When it's all over, abuela turns to Rocko and asks, "So, what does she say that is?"

"Pozole," he answers.

"Pozole?" she replies, incredulous. "Pinche gringa pendeja. Eso parece comida para puercos, no pozole para humanos."

Abuelita. Has. Spoken.