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His Mom Lost Her Job, So This 8-yr-old Latino Started His Own Business To Help Make Ends Meet

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His Mom Lost Her Job, So This 8-yr-old Latino Started His Own Business To Help Make Ends Meet

When Aaron Moreno's mom, a single mother of three, lost her job to the pandemic, 8-year-old Aaron decided to take matters into his own hands.

So, the young entreprenuer started his own business, selling plants out his home in East Los Angeles. He calls it 'Aaron's Garden.'



"The purpose of starting 'Aaron's Garden' was because I lost my job," said Berenice Pacheco, Aaron's mom. "We were struggling financially."

Berenice, Aaron, and his 2-year-old sister live in a shed. Berenice had to send Aaron's older sister, her 10-year-old daughter, to live with her grandmother in Mexico because she couldn't support all three kids as a single mom. Then she lost her job.



From this hardship, a Chicano entrepreneur was born.

Aaron started out with $12. "The last $12 that I had in my pocket, I told him we were going to invest it," says Berenice.

"She told me if I wanted to do something...and then I said 'I would like to make a business,'" says Aaron.


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8 year old boy trying to build a Bussiness

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Berenice says Aaron has always been interested in plants, so, with those $12, Aaron bought his first set of succulents.

With his mom's help, Aaron started selling plants from his home in June. Word spread quickly. From those first few succulents, Aaron now has dozens of customers, a selection of plants that takes up his whole yard, and over 15,000 followers on his Aaron's Garden Instagram. 



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My classmates found me and came to support????

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But it wasn't an easy road. There were many long, hot days with no customers at all.



"Well it was going really small...I didn't mean for it to grow this way," says Aaron, whose business is now too big for his small yard and the wagon his godfather bought him to cart his plants around.

Fortunately, local restaurant El Sinaloense has opened up its doors to Aaron and his plants. 



Aaron's Garden even delivers!


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These plants were delivered to LAS VEGAS ????????????‍????

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Amazingly, Aaron and his mom have done all of this without a car.



Aaron's business has made a huge difference to his family. His entrepreneurial spirit inspired many to share his story and donate to a GoFundMe set up by a family friend. Aaron and his mom hope to use the money from his plants business and the GoFundMe to reunite their family and move into a real house, while keeping as much as they can for Aaron's future.

The family has received other donations as well...



Now, Aaron and his little sister finally have a television to watch cartoons. "My shed feels more like a house," writes Aaron through his mom on Instagram.

Aaron and his mom sell plants most weekends and update customers on their location and the types of plants they have available via Instagram. Aaron has been learning a lot about different kinds of plants. His favorite is aloe vera.

If you live in the L.A. area, come out and support this young Latino entreprenuer. If not, you can always order a plant for delivery, or donate to his GoFundMe, so that he can keep building his business and helping his family.

Pura suerte Aaron - pa'riba y pa'delante. Con ganas, si se puede.