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"My Daughter Will Change History": Guillen Family Finally Meets With Trump To Demand Justice

Culture & Community By O. DELGADO
"My Daughter Will Change History": Guillen Family Finally Meets With Trump To Demand Justice

"If he wants recruits, he can make the change now."

"My daughter will change history, the nation, the country... That bill is going to pass, by the will of God, in the name of my daughter," said Vanessa's mother, Gloria Guillen, before dropping a bomb about another heinous crime committed on base at Fort Hood.

"This isn't a Republican, Democrat issue...it's a human issue, it should be everyone's issue," cried Lupe Guillen, Vanessa's 16-year-old sister and one of her fiercest advocates, speaking to a crowd in Washington DC after meeting with President Trump.

The young woman urged everyone to contact their representatives and demand they pass the #IAmVanessaGuillen Bill, legislation proposed by the Guillen family which would allow soldiers to report sexual abuse to an independent agency instead of their superiors, who are, in many cases, themselves the abusers.

"We just met with President Trump...he said he's going to support our bill, which I hope so," said Lupe. "Hopefully he takes action, because actions speak louder than words."

The family received an audience with the President at the White House on Thursday morning, during which Gloria, Vanessa's mother, implored him to help bring those responsible for Vanessa's harassment, murder, and the cover-up to justice, and to pass the #IAmVanessaGuillen Bill.

Trump appeared blank-faced as he listened to Gloria speak and seemed to know very little about Vanessa's case.

One viewer echoed the sentiments of many, commenting on a Facebook video of the meeting that Trump, "doesn't give a f*ck," while others speculated the meeting was merely a "photo op" to appeal to Latino voters.


Guillen Family Meets with President Trump

Watch: Vanessa Guillen's family meets with President Trump at White House. Story: https://bit.ly/39EWMLX

Posted by KCEN TV on Thursday, July 30, 2020


Sixteen-year-old Lupe told the Washington crowd that she spoke with the president personally.

"[He said,] 'I'm impressed...you're not afraid to talk to no one'. Well you shouldn't be afraid to talk to no one as well!" shouted Lupe, who said she made clear to the president, "80% of the time, the same people you're supposed to report it [to], are the one's actually harassing you."

"That has to change! And the #IAmVanessaGuillen Bill will make that change. The change has to happen now! Not later, not next week, not next month, NOW. Our men and women in the armed forces should feel confident [that they can safely report abuse], they should be respected and heard. If he wants new recruits, he can make the change now!"

And, to any representative that doesn't support the bill, Lupe said, "If we can vote you in, we can vote you out." 

The young woman broke down in tears as she told the crowd that her mother still does not know the details of Vanessa's death.

"But I know, because they told me, in my face, what happened. But they couldn't [look] me in the eye. They couldn't say 'sorry.'" she said, her voice strong despite the intense emotion.

"So I want justice for Vanessa Guillen," she continued fiercely, "and all the men and women in our service that are being sexually harassed. Justice for Vanessa Guillen is just the beginning."

Still in tears, Lupe introduced her mother, Gloria.

"[Vanessa] va cambiar la historia, la nacion, el pais. Porque? Porque murio ser inocente y maravillosa. Atravez de eso, va cambiar, porque me hija es historia. Y va pasar ese bill, con la volutad de Dios, al nombre de mi hija, por que mi hija es historia, y asi tiene que ser/Vanessa will change history, the nation, the country. Why? Because she died innocent and wonderful. Because of that, things will change, because my daughter is history. And that bill will pass, by the will of God, in my daughter's name, because my daughter is history." said Gloria. "My daughter touched the hearts of the whole world."


Familia Guillen after their meeting with President Trump.

Posted by Team Vanessa Guillen on Thursday, July 30, 2020


Then, Vanessa's mom dropped a bombshell.

According to Gloria, a confidential source revealed to her that the Army's Criminal Investigation Department was covering up evidence in Vanessa's case, and many other cases, including the murder of a baby.

Gloria says the source, who cannot speak freely for fear of retaliation, told her that a baby was killed on base and the crime was covered up.

"Now, more than ever, we need more strength, to advance, to investigate, and to close Fort Hood down. Close it down forever!" she exhorted.

"Por el amor de Dios, a seguir luchando, a seguir la batalla, por que esto no se acaba hasta que tengamos los verdaderos responsables y pasen ese bill y cambia la historia/For the love of God, keep fighting, because this doesn't end until we get the people who are truly responsible, until they pass that bill and change history," concluded Gloria.

"Va cambiar la historia a nombre de mi niña, Vanessa Guillen/History will change, in the name of my daughter, Vanessa Guillen."


Reporting by Olivia Cristina Delgado
IG: @oliviacristinadelgado
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