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"People Pretend To Love Them." White Woman Claims "Nobody Actually Likes Tamales"

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"People Pretend To Love Them." White Woman Claims "Nobody Actually Likes Tamales"

"They are the worst."

"People pretend to LOVE tamales for some reason...I’m convinced that nobody actually likes tamales."

Karen strikes again. 

Facebook user S Kendall Osborne hates tamales, so much so that she recently posted the following to "Bone Apple Yeet," a Facebook group dedicated to food.

"It’s ok to dislike any other dish on the planet except tamales. You are never allowed to mention how bland and awful tamales are. People become personally and politically offended. And they are the worst.

People pretend to LOVE tamales for some reason. And then when you pin them down on why, they mention family and nostalgia. It’s never actually that they like tamales. I’m convinced that nobody actually likes tamales."

In her post, she included a link to a NeoGAF forum post titled "Tamales Suck."

"Every year, around Christmas, everyone starts bringing in tamales to work. They each bring in around 20 tamales of varying fillings, all of which are absolutely horrible," writes user Mustache Bandit.

It is unclear whether Karen, sorry, Kendall herself is the Mustache Bandit, or whether she somehow managed to find another human being who shares her hatred for tamales.

Kendall is right about one thing, hating on tamales is personally, and justifiably, offensive to many Latinos.

As you can imagine, the comments section lit up immediately:

"A white person talking about how awful and bland some ethnic food is... that seems pretty ironic if you ask me."

"This comment is so white it practically lit the world up."

"You're supposed to remove the husk, dingus."

"Some kind of meat thing with some kind flour or cornmeal based outer covering is a pretty universal type of food in all cultures. I can understand not loving tamales, but hating them seems weird."


Kendall turned commenting off after this one:

"Right there's a wild Becky. Keep your distance they can sudden evolve into a fully-fledged Karen."

It's one thing to dislike a food, it's another to shit-talk a culture's cuisine and assume that because you, a white person, don't like something, that means it's garbage. 

Tamales are a dish shared among almost all the nations that comprise Latin America. There are dozens of varieties, representing the people of different regions. We eat them on special days, holy days. They are an enduring legacy from our indigenous ancestors.

And they are DELICIOUS.

So, maybe when you say "tamales" Karen, you actually mean something else.