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Introducing Your New Favorite Pan Dulce: The Mazapán Concha

Food & Drink By O. DELGADO
Introducing Your New Favorite Pan Dulce: The Mazapán Concha

Move over manteconcha, the mazapán concha is hitting panaderías across México and the U.S.

I'm going to be honest, conchas were never my favorite. I was a puerquito fan - until now. 

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When you think you've tried it all.... Mazapan concha!!! #sweetlifebakery #grandterrace #mazapanconcha

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There have been many experiments and attempts to Frankenstein the concha: manteconchas, the guajoloconcha (a tamal inside a concha, or sometimes inside a bolillo inside a concha, like a Mexican food turducken), and even conchaquiles (just, no).



Finally, we've been blessed with a mashup that makes sense.




Mazapán de la Rosa is basically a cultural icon.

Although it is the primo of "marzipan," a candy made with almonds that originated in the Middle East, the distinctly Mexican mazapán is made with peanuts and corn, both unique to Latin America.

El dulce is so popular and synonymous with our culture that people proudly wear clothing, accessories, and jewelry emblazoned with the logo. 



Recently, people have started thinking outside the wrapper and incorporating mazapán into waffles, paletas, frappuccinos, even cocktails. Ever had a chocolate-dipped strawberry or candy apple covered in mazapán?





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Mazapán Caramel Apple ???? #caramel #caramelapples #mazapancaramelapple #mazapan #mazapancaramel

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And now, the mazapán concha, which originated in Jalisco, has started to make its debut at cafes, bakeries, and panaderías across Mexico and the U.S.


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Saturday morning after 18 innings of @dodgers ⚾️ ... Latte + Mazapán concha to keep the momentum going ????

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Don't stress if your local panadería doesn't make them, you can bake up a dozen in under two hours with stuff you probably already have in your house: flour, sugar, butter, yeast, and, of course, mazapán.

Check out this super short, easy how-to video... 


...y disfruta!