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People Actually Think You Can Catch Coronavirus From Corona Beer

Food & Drink By O. DELGADO
People Actually Think You Can Catch Coronavirus From Corona Beer

Searches for "Corona beer virus" have been trending around the world

"A disturbing number of people think Coronavirus is related to Corona beer," reports Vice.

Apparently, people across the world are actually concerned that the deadly variant of Coronavirus which originated in China's Wuhan province is caused by or somehow related to drinking Corona beer.

Google Trends data shows that globally, searches for "beer corona virus" have jumped 3,233%, while searches for "corona beer virus" have increased 2,300%, and searches for "beer virus" have increased 744%.

Vice reports that "the searches have been prevalent" across Western Europe, Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, and New Zealand, as well as throughout North America -- with the exception of Mexico, where Corona beer is produced. 

So many people are concerned about the possible link, that publications from Men's Health to the Wall Street Journal have published articles reassuring people that the beer is safe to drink.

The word "corona" means "crown" in Spanish, taken from the Latin word "coronam." Coronavirus was named for the crown of spikes around its surface.

Corona beer was so named because, despite what Budweiser claims, "La Cerveza Mas Fina" is the true king of beers. Corona beer, first brewed in 1925, actually predates coronaviruses, which scientists identified in 1965.

The newest, deadliest coronavirus was identified in December of 2019, and it's threat continues to grow. Twenty-five countries have reported infections, with over 40,000 infected and almost 1,000 dead in mainland China alone.

Although scientists have yet to identify the origin of the newest, deadliest coronavirus (a current theory is that the disease was passed to humans by infected bats), they can confirm it has nothing to do with Corona beer.