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After 25 Years And Thousands Of Dollars, This Couple Finally Get Their Green Cards

Culture & Community By O. Delgado
After 25 Years And Thousands Of Dollars, This Couple Finally Get Their Green Cards

Their son Alex Carillo was on hand to film the moment his parents opened the most important envelopes of their lives.

"For those...who say “why don’t they just come here legally” it took my parents 25 YEARS and THOUSANDS of dollars to finally become residents. Blessed to say my parents dreams finally became true," Alex Carillo tweeted. 

In the midst of targeted attacks against Latinos and immigrants, one family is experiencing a moment of incredible relief and celebration.

Like many who come to this country seeking a better life, Veronica and Adrian Carillo have waited decades and spent thousands and thousands of dollars in pursuit of a coveted green card. 

And this last week, their son Alex was on hand at the couple's Arizona home to to film the moment when his parents, who came to the U.S. from Durango, Mexico 25 years ago, finally opened the envelopes containing their permanent residency cards.  

Alex's mother Veronica can barely contain her joy; his father, Adrian, just smiles and gives a thumbs before embracing his wife and announcing, as the two are overcome with emotion, "My wife and I are now residents."

For immigrants, green cards mean legitimacy and safety, a new lease on life after many, costly years spent living in anxiety and fear.  "I've never really showed any emotion to any of this," tweeted Carillos, "but...nobody around me knew all the struggles we went through...always living in fear. The fear that any moment my parents could be taken away."

For the Carillo family, it also meant stepping on their native soil once again, for the first time since coming to the U.S., and seeing the family they left behind.

Alex, who had to stay in the states and hold down the fort at the family's mechanic shop, told told El Nuevo Herald that he posted the video to "inform and motivate people who are in the [immigration] process to not give up, and for other people to see that the process takes long."

"I want to take the time to shine a light on the subject," he tweeted, "Imagine seeking asylum because...it's either life or death or just no future at all."

"Honestly my parents do deserve this. Hard working individuals who have never done a crime," he writes, describing not only his parents, but millions of immigrants, the majority of whom contribute quietly to our communities.

"AND EVEN WHEN THEY WERE UNDOCUMENTED, THEY PAID TAXES," he adds. "It's amazing how everything is falling into place."

Felicidades Veronica, Adrian, and Alex, and all the immigrants receiving their green cards.

To those still waiting and afraid, we have your back.