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Research Confirms: Firstborn Children Are Smarter (And Here's Why)

Education By O. DELGADO
Research Confirms: Firstborn Children Are Smarter (And Here's Why)

Your oldest sibling is smarter than you, and here's why...

New study corroborates existing data: firstborns are smarter - and your parents are to blame.

Across cultures, firstborns are generally considered more accomplished by their parents. You may think it's favoritism, but international surveys show that oldest children do tend to have higher IQs and consistently perform better in school, go on to higher education, and get better-paying jobs than their younger siblings.

A new study by the University of Edinburgh not only confirmed this data, it also concluded that your parents are to thank/blame for firstborns' superior smarts.

According to the study:

"First-born children’s thinking skills outperform their siblings because they receive more mental stimulation from their parents in their early years."

That's right, parents spend more time talking, reading, and engaging in other stimulating activities with their firstborn child than with later-born kids.

Gael Garcia Bernal and his little brother Dario Yazbeck Bernal

Depending on how long parents wait to have a second child, firstborns may enjoy years of focused attention from their parents.  Although this isn't always fun and games since parents tend to be stricter with their first child and have higher expectations for them.

Parents usually relax the discipline with later-borns...and relax in other ways as well.  The study found parents were more likely to drink and smoke during later pregnancies, activities which can significantly affect the cognitive development of a growing fetus.

Study author Dr. Ana Nuevo-Chiquero concludes:

"Our results suggest that broad shifts in parental behavior are a plausible explanation for the observed birth order differences in education and labor market outcomes."

So, firstborns, turns out you're smarter because mom and dad do love you more; later-borns, feel free to blame mom and dad for your less-than-stellar grades and shitty job. 

Ultimately though, a high IQ is no match for hard work, so, whatever your birth order, pónganse las pilas raza!