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Corazonchas: Heart-shaped Conchas For Valentine's Day

Food & Drink By O. DELGADO
Corazonchas: Heart-shaped Conchas For Valentine's Day

Forget the roses, get a bouquet of these...

Flowers and chocolates are nice, but pan dulce - that's real love. 

Once again, pan dulce is the answer to all of our problems.

Whether you need to impress el amor de tu vida, your kid's classmates, or the chismosas at the office, heart-shaped corazonchas are the perfect Valentine's Day treat. 

So, if you want a Valentine's Day win, pick up a tray, a box, or a bouquet of conchas for your babe, or your coworkers, primas, amigas, tu mamá, yourself... 

Here are a couple spots that specialize in heart-shaped conchas: [Click on the name to get more info]

Cafe Cultura, Santa Ana, CA

At Cafe Cultura, you can get red, heart-shaped rose-flavored conchas or sparkly champagne-flavored conchas with glitter sprinkles. 


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Pan La Mejor, 2 Locations, TX

Most places make pink and red conchas, but at Panaderia La Mejor you can get chocolate ones too, "Perfect for your amorcito, the kids valentine's party, your family, coworkers..."



Los Angelitos Bakery, Huntington Park, CA 

"Do not disappoint your valentine with expensive flowers this year! Feed their heart with this beauty...," writes Los Angelitos Bakery, you can get giant heart-shaped conchas, or a bouquet of conchas, pink, red, or mixed.


Carrusel Bakery, Various locations

Carrusel Bakery pre-orders are sold out, but you can still pop into their store to pick up a dozen while supplies last -- and check out their sweet concha wall.



Check out your local panaderia to check if they've got any in stock or will take special orders. Por que el amor es dulce.