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ICE Is Sending Out Fake Court Dates To Immigrants

Raccoon TV By O. DELGADO
ICE Is Sending Out Fake Court Dates To Immigrants

Immigrants across America were in for a trick this Halloween, courtesy of ICE.

On October 31st, hundreds of people stood in lines snaking around the block, outside immigration courts that had no idea they were coming.

These immigrants and their families had taken time off of work and spent hundreds of dollars on travel and accommodations...to attend fake court dates.

Apparently, ICE has been sending out fake court dates to undocumented immigrants.  Here's why:

When you arrive in this country, the clock starts ticking.  If you make it to ten years with no arrests or citations, and have a family member who is a citizen or has a green card, you can apply to stay here - legally.

But, if at any point ICE picks you up or sends you a notice, time stops.  It's called the "time-stop rule."

So ICE is sending out fake court dates to keep immigrants from reaching the 10-year mark and being eligible to stay in the country.

And it wasn't exclusive to Halloween.  Apparently, it's been happening since June, with some notices asking people to show up on days of the month that don't even exist like Sept. 31st, or requiring recipients to show up at strange times, like midnight. 

“We know for a fact that there isn't a single court in this country that would have court at 12 a.m.” said Antonio Williams, an immigration attorney from El Paso, told VICE News

Hey, ICE, how about you stick to picking up criminals and leave hardworking, contributing members of society alone?