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Latina Drags Kavanaugh & Rich, Conservative White Dudes: "We're Coming For You"

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Latina Drags Kavanaugh & Rich, Conservative White Dudes: "We're Coming For You"


He lies over and over again, under oath, yells about the "Clinton conspiracy" against him and how much he likes beer, is accused of sexual assault by three different women...and still gets the job ON THE SUPREME COURT.

Republicans and conservative white America DGAF about integrity and decency.

They don't deserve to run this country.



If you think this whole Kavanaugh bullshit doesn’t affect Latinos, you’re wrong.

Okay, so a quick breakdown on the Kavanaugh situation. (If you already know the score, just scroll down.)

The Republicans are desperate to get Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court so he can vote against prosecuting Trump and vote in favor of screwing with the human/civil rights that generations before us (MLK, Cesar Chavez) fought so hard to achieve.

Then women started coming forward revealing that the prep school frat boy was into hard-drinking and gang rapes at school.

Republicans were like, "Liars! Also, who cares, it was so long ago..." 

So there was a hearing where a brave woman testified and Brett Kavanaugh screamed at everyone, cried, and talked about how much he likes beer.

The Republicans were like, "Look at his planner! He didn't write 'get drunk and gang-rape' anywhere on his calendar, that proves he didn't do it. He's obviously the victim here, you can tell by how angry and hysterical he is. Nope, we don't want to hear any more witnesses or have any investigation. Case closed." (Not joking, this is basically what happened.)

Republicans are willing to blindly confirm a suspected rapist who went nuts on national TV.  Unbelievable. 

Oh, wait, no, they elected Trump.

OKAY, SO, why does this matter to an angry Latina?

Check it.  It's pretty raw.  [Transcript below - in case you like reading or whatever...]

People like Brett Kavanaugh, rich, white, connected, they don’t care about Latinos.  They don’t know us, and they don’t care to know us. They’re not interested in what we think, how we feel, or what we need, and they sure as hell don’t feel responsible for helping us.  

Men like Kavanaugh and Trump live like kings.  They don’t just have gold-plated toilets and private jets -- they have so much money and privilege that they can commit literally any crime and get away with it: rape, sexual assault, taking our passports, deporting our veterans, treating human beings like animals, putting children in cages.

They want to build a wall to keep out all the brown “rapists”, but they want to elect white rapists to the highest offices in the nation.

If Kavanaugh gets voted onto the Supreme Court, conservative white America solidifies their power over us.  With Kavanaugh on the court, they can change the laws, change our rights, and tell us how to live our lives.

But we can stop them. 

Latinos make up almost 20% of the US population.  By 2060, it will be 30%.  One-third of all Americans will be Latino.  ONE THIRD.  

Young, hard-working Latinos fuel the US economy.  Not only do we spend $1.7 TRILLION a year, we make $2 TRILLION of the US’ GDP.  If US Latinos were our own economy, we’d be the 8th largest in the WORLD.

They NEED US.  They need our labor and they need our dollars.  WE have the numbers and we have the POWER.

And that scares the hell out of them.

That’s why they want to keep us from voting, because together, we could vote all of those payasos out of office.

Vote them out and replace them with people who have our back, people who will make sure that we are treated fairly and have the opportunity to succeed, educate ourselves, and take care of our families.  People who will represent us with dignity instead of Tweeting on the toilet

No more rich, white LIARS who don’t give a damn about us, who want us to keep our heads down and not interfere in THEIR government.  Fuck that, it’s OUR government.

To Trump, Kavanaugh, and all the pendejos sin consciencia who think that if they scream their lies loud enough we’ll believe them, who think that if they imprison and ignore us we’ll stay “in our place”, to them we say, “Naw. This November, we’re coming for you - a toda madre.”

Don’t let anyone tell you that your vote doesn’t matter.  They’re a fucking liar.