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Sofia Vergara On Husband Joe Manganiello: "Thank God He Doesn't Speak Spanish"

Relationships By O. DELGADO
Sofia Vergara On Husband Joe Manganiello: "Thank God He Doesn't Speak Spanish"

"Sometimes it's good to have secrets..."

But the Colombian comedienne wasn't keeping any secrets last night.

When Jimmy asked if her husband, Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike, True Blood), spoke Spanish, Sofia replied, "No he doesn't, thank God." 

"Sometimes it's good to have secrets," she continued with a sneaky grin.  Hey, we Latinas have a TEMPER...sometimes it would be better if our esposos didn't understand exactly what we were yelling, er, saying.

Vergara opened up about her husband's not-so-secret obsession . . . with the Steelers. (Although she says "obsession" is an understatement.) 

She straight up refuses to watch the games on TV, but loves to attend games in the stadium to "eat the hot dogs."  She also confessed that she has no idea what's going on on the field -- and she doesn't care.  (Well, she does care, but only because a Steelers loss means a bad week ahead at Casa Vergara-Manganiello. #relatable) 

When asked if her husband was superstitious, Sofia revealed she has often walked in on him, alone, dressed up in Steelers gear from head to toe, "socks, underwear, hat, shirt, rings...everything." 

When asked if she was superstitious, she replied, "I'm Latina, what kind of question is that?"  True. (As I cross myself, light a candle, and adjust my bracelet that wards off mal de ojo.)

Sofia, keep keeping it real mama.