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U.S. Army Veteran Deported To Mexico Finally Returns Home

Culture & Community By O. DELGADO
U.S. Army Veteran Deported To Mexico Finally Returns Home
ABOVE: 18-year-old Derick welcomes his dad home after 8 long years apart.

US Army veteran Fabian Rebolledo was finally reunited with his family last week after being deported to Mexico almost a decade ago.

Fabian served at Fort Bragg and overseas as a peacekeeper in Kosovo.  He was injured during his time there, shot in the leg while retrieving the bodies of villagers who had been killed.

Like many veterans, Fabian struggled with PTSD when he returned home.  Despite this, he took on several jobs to support his family, which after his return included a son, Derick.

Unfortunately, one of those jobs paid Rebolledo with a bad check. 

That bad check ended up resulting in his deportation to Tijuana, where he slept on the streets for days before teaming up with another deported veteran. 

He discovered many others like himself, veterans who risked their lives for a nation they believed in, only to have that nation kick them out. 

Seeing that so many were in his same position, Fabian became a vocal advocate for deported veterans in Mexico.  

Last week, after years worth of effort by the UC Irvine Immigrant Rights Clinic, Fabian is back home with his family in Azusa, California, where he says he will continue to advocate for deported veterans.

ABOVE: Fabian's parents, emotional at his return.

Puro respeto for this outspoken vet and for the workers at the Immigrants Rights Clinic who helped to make his return possible. 

Want to honor Fabian's service and his struggle?  VOTE.  Laws and leadership don't change unless we VOTE.  Our vets and our people will keep being screwed over unless we VOTE.  Not all of us are advocates, but we can all make a difference.  VOTE.