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The Toughest Job In The World: According To Science, It's Parenting

Relationships By Rosario Valle
The Toughest Job In The World: According To Science, It's Parenting

A recent study found that parenting is actually the toughest job you can have, 3x more tiring than paid work. 

Any parents out there can confirm: having kids is not only the most expensive thing you will ever do, it's also the hardest.  Turns out kids are more demanding than customers and bosses combined.

Parenting starts with a year of this...


Then a couple years of this...


Followed by a decade of this...


Kids don't just need three meals a day, plus snacks, and new clothes every few months.  They also need rides to school and help with their homework, rides to practice, regañadas cuando se ponen cabroncitos...and did I mention rides?

Kids get dirty, hungry, sick and in trouble round the clock.  And babies?  Olvidalo.  Parents gotta be on deck 24-7, 365 days a year.



It's no wonder that a recent study conducted by Pew Research Center reported that parenting was almost three times more tiring than paid work, while another study by Catholic University of Louvain found that parents showed high levels of stress and exhaustion.  They called it 'parental fatigue'; we call it 'being a parent.'



But the Pew study also found that parenting is twice as rewarding as paid work.  

All those sleepless nights and early mornings, loads of laundry, trips to the ER with a sick toddler in your arms, in the end...


 ...it's all worth it.  

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