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Mexican City of Guadalajara Changes Laws to Allow Sex in Public

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Mexican City of Guadalajara Changes Laws to Allow Sex in Public

The authorities of the city of Guadalajara, considered to be one of the most conservative cities in Mexico, approved a law that allows sexual relations in public view, unless there's a public complaint.

The changes were issued in the capital of the state of Jalisco under the argument that the police should focus on combatting crime and not bother those who might be lacking funds to pay for a hotel.

[A lot of young adults live with their parents and have no privacy, so they resort to public parks and alleys.  The new law will discourage policemen from surprising affectionate couples and demanding a bribe.  Corruption and bribe-demanding are big problems in the Mexican police force.]

That change has caused indignation among many citizens who label it as a moral issue, and also warn that it makes it easier for rapists and pedophiles to abuse their victims.

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