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VIDEO: This YouTuber’s story of losing her mother to breast cancer will break your heart

EXCERPT: The Indian Express

Alix Coburn, whose YouTube handle is named 'I Covet Thee', revealed how she lost her mother, after her year and half-long fight against breast cancer, in a video on YouTube.

There may be many cancer survivors who have won the battle against the deadly disease, but it doesn’t cut down the pain of thousands of people who lose their loved ones due to the ailment. A YouTuber, who talks about neutral makeup looks, skincare and fashion, recently opened up about how her life changed when she lost her mother to cancer, and it has left many social media users disheartened.

Alix Coburn, whose YouTube handle is named ‘I Covet Thee’, shares quite a few make-up looks, style files and vlogs, and is now one of the most watched microblogging celebrity in London.