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Donald Trump says China is ripping us off (but his clothes are made in China)

Crowd Cheers As David Letterman Trumps The Donald - 'These Ties Are Made, Where?'

What hypocrisy!!!

After Trump rails bout jobs going 2 China, Dave pulls out Trump line of clothing. Ties made in China, shirts from Bangladesh.


This needs so few words. Back, before NBC fired Donald Trump, this year's newest Republican presidential candidate appeared on The David Letterman Show to endorse Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential run. With little help from Letterman, Trump proved, even then, he's a terrible fit for the Oval Office. His ethics and foreign diplomacy skills are what some would describe as nonexistent, and his ego would never fit through the door.

Donald Trump states his endorsement of Mitt Romney by admiring his stance on the country of China. Trump describes China as a "country that is ripping our heart out... And we [U.S.] do nothing to protect ourselves."

Then Donald Trump shares his clothing line in which David Letterman reveals that Trump's neckties are actually made in China