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This nail polish could save your life

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This nail polish could save your life
Dip your fancy nail in a cocktail and know whether the cute guy you’re talking to wants to rape you.
Of course not every guy has that intention (nor is cute), but now when you’re at a bar and feeling somewhat vulnerable, you have a neat technology to help you.
All you have to do to detect the colorless, odorless compounds is dip your finger in your drink to check for safety. The clear polish can be worn on top of your favorite color, or all by itself on nude nails. 
Four students have come up with a nail polish that will change color when coming in contact with common date-rape drugs, like Rohypnol, Xanax and GHB . 
The student team won a $11,000 prize from North Carolina State University to help develop the idea, which they are calling Undercover Colors. 
While reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, some critics feel it reflects a society in which we teach women how not to get raped, instead of teaching boys not to rape. 
But until that day comes, any tools that women can use to take control of their safety, are tools of empowerment in a culture that still perceives us as weak.  It should be noted that this invention was made by an all-male team. 
While this is a revolutionary invention, keep in mind that alcohol, all by itself, is the most common drug involved in date-rape cases, and usually consumed willingly by victims.  Moderation is still the best way to protect yourself. Follow your instincts and stay away from situations that give you a bad gut feeling. 
Because the chemistry of common date rape drugs can be changed to avoid detection, the team is still working to develop a formula that will detect as many drugs as possible. 
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