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Woman Born Without a Vagina Still Dreams of Her Own Family

Health & Beauty By Antonio Ruiz2053 views
Woman Born Without a Vagina Still Dreams of Her Own Family

Kaylee Moats was born different. 

When she turned 18 and still hadn't gotten her period, Kaylee paid a visit to a gynecologist only to discover she had a condition called MRKH, meaning she was born without a uterus, cervix, or a vaginal opening. She was devasted at the thought that she'd never birth her own children and was unable to be intimate with a man.

Two problems, but both with solutions: Her sister agreed to one day be her surrogate, and doctors told her of reconstructive surgery she could have to create an opening in her vagina in order to have sexual intercourse. 

The problem with the latter solution was that insurance companies considered the surgery cosmetic or gender re-assignment. It was not life-threatening, therefore, they would not pay for it, leaving Kaylee and her family to pay $15,000. 

Kaylee currently has a boyfriend and still plans to one day get the surgery. She is hopeful that she will one day have a family of her own. 



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