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Thousands of American's Are Flocking to Mexico For Dental Care

Culture & Community By Antonio Ruiz1214 views
Thousands of American's Are Flocking to Mexico For Dental Care

It's no secret the healthcare system in America is a bit of mess - between what's already in place and the looming threat to make it worse instead of fixing it, Americans are concerned. 

 Millions of Americans lack dental insurance and those who have it say it's never enough. But where America fails, Mexico thrives...at least the small town of Algodones, Mexica does. To most American's it's known by its nickname, "Molar City", and it has become the savior of many American's who can't afford the outrages prices in the States. 

Molar City is the self-proclaimed dental capital of the world. There are roughly 5,000 residence, in which 600 of them are dentists spread out over 300 practises. American's come from all over the United States seeking out the small town's services, and this year alone the town has seen a 40% increase in visitors. 

It's nice to know that while America works on getting its act together, Molar City has our backs...or, mouths. 


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