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Pupusa Food Truck To Provide Scholarships to Undocumented Students

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Pupusa Food Truck To Provide Scholarships to Undocumented Students

EXCERPT: Indy Week

[Cecilia] Polanco, age twenty-four, runs the So Good Pupusas food truck with the help of her family.

The idea came to Polanco during her sophomore year at UNC-Chapel Hill, when she joked with her sister about starting a family food truck. But she also began thinking more broadly about her Latina identity and some of the privileges she had enjoyed going into college.

"I started thinking about my part in the larger community and about how I was blessed to have received a number of scholarships to graduate debt-free," says Polanco.

Born in California to Salvadoran parents, Polanco never had to worry about being undocumented. But she speaks passionately about how many of her friends grew up under different circumstances. [In many states] undocumented immigrants are required to pay out-of-state tuition and are ineligible for federal aid of any kind.

"It makes it virtually impossible for them to fund their own education," says Polanco.

Now, with her food truck, Polanco aims to lessen the burden carried by many of these individuals by putting profits toward scholarships for undocumented students.

So Good Pupusas began its scholarship program last year, providing two recipients $1,000 each to use toward school. Two new recipients were also chosen earlier this year.

"A thousand dollars for an undocumented student is really just a drop in the bucket," says Polanco.

The funding is renewable for those selected, and Polanco hopes to eventually help eight students a year and provide $8,000 in scholarships.



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