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Romeo Santos to the Haters: 'I Find a Creative Way of Telling You To Go F--k Yourself'

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Romeo Santos to the Haters: 'I Find a Creative Way of Telling You To Go F--k Yourself'


“You have to be confident about the product you’re putting out,” says Santos. “It’s just like when a boxer is promoting a fight. You can’t go out there and be like, ‘This guy might beat me.’ ”

Romeo Santos steers his massive white Range Rover down West 38th Street in Manhattan and cranks up the volume on his new album. He’s a few blocks north of Madison Square Garden, which he has sold out four times during his solo career, as well as the Empire State Building, which will synchronize its tower lights to his new single, “Carmín,” on July 20, the eve of the release of his new album, Golden.

A few miles uptown is the Bronx home on Vyse Avenue where Santos grew up in the 1980s and helped form the best-selling bachata quartet Aventura; a couple of avenues over is the West Side Highway, where he goes running four times a week.

As Santos reaches for a sandwich and a green apple that are stashed in a bag on the backseat of his car (“I need to eat every three hours -- it keeps my metabolism going so I stay at a certain weight,” he explains), the final track on Golden, a combative rant titled “Sin Filtro” (“No Filter”), plays over the stereo. The song tackles seemingly every piece of criticism that has ever been leveled at Santos. He once again dismisses questions about his sexuality, brought on by his intense privacy.

Santos says that total honesty is the backbone of his music. “I’m sure people are going to listen to that outro and they’re going to say, ‘Why is he talking again about people who say he’s gay?’ ” he says. “I know some people may say, ‘Well, just ignore it.’ But then there are moments where I hear a beat, and I get inspired.

“And then,” he adds, addressing his haters, “I find a creative way of telling you to go fuck yourself.”