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Video of Elote Cart Attack in Hollywood Goes Viral

Culture & Community By JASON MCGAHAN858 views
Video of Elote Cart Attack in Hollywood Goes Viral


Ramirez, 24, is an immigrant from Mexico who operates a food cart in Hollywood.

But these days he is better known as the Elote Man, after he filmed and posted a video on social media of an assailant turning over the cart from which he sells the Mexican snack of fresh ears of corn lathered with mayonnaise, chili pepper and grated cheese.

On Monday, July 17, Ramirez was standing beside his cart at the corner of Romaine and El Centro in Hollywood when Hakas and his girlfriend, Holly Covella, were out walking their dog. The video begins as Hakas, complaining the cart is blocking the sidewalk, delivers an ultimatum in Spanish: "Move the cart or I’ll move it for you."

The video shows that as Ramirez retreats into the street, Hakas seizes hold of the cart and overturns it, spilling utensils, coolers and food items onto the sidewalk and into Romaine Street, including plenty of fresh ears of corn. Ramirez grabs a metal pole and waves it in Hakas' direction but does not swing. (Covella shouts, "Don't you fucking try it!")

Ramirez then turns the camera on himself and says he was attacked by a racist. "I'm no racist," Hakas responds. "I'm Argentinian, you retard." Ramirez says the cart's umbrella was damaged, along with the bottles of flavors for the shaved ice and a day's worth of ice and food supplies.

The video has received 4.7 million views, 69,000 shares and 20,000 comments since Ramirez's mother uploaded it onto Facebook on July 24.




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