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Local Elotero Attacked By Couple Who Curse At Him And Overturn His Cart

Culture & Community By Olivia Cristina14668 views
Local Elotero Attacked By Couple Who Curse At Him And Overturn His Cart

On Monday, a Hollywood elotero was attacked and his cart was overturned.

In the video, which has been viewed 4.6 million times on Facebook, you can see a man and woman wearing sunglasses approach local elotero Benjamin Ramirez.  The man demands that Benjamin move his cart and then knocks it to the ground, while the woman curses at him and tells him to "stay away."

We hear 24-year-old Benjamin say, “I’m recording this because this racist threw my things,”

The man responds, "I’m not racist. I’m Argentinian."  Not sure how just being Argentinian makes you not racist...

Ramirez posted an update on Tuesday, reporting that this same man has been repeatedly harassing him and even approached him with a stun gun.

In response to the attack, the Los Angeles community has rallied to support Benjamin and other street vendors.

“Every day street vendors run the risk of being attacked. Most times, they are targeted by the L.A. County Health Department and LAPD but sometimes its individuals full of hate,” wrote Azusena Favela creator of a GoFundMe page set up to help reimburse Benjamin and other vendors. So far the page has raised $4,000.

Although the attacker and the motive for his attack have not been officially identified, the LAPD will be investigating the incident.  

According to LatinoUSA

"Ramirez says he knows who the attacker is, and many L.A.-based profiles who have been following the story on social media have said that his name is Carlos Hakas.
A march and rally in response to the attack is planned for Thursday in Hollywood. Organizers said the event is meant to support Ramirez “and all street vendors who are constantly harassed by the police, sheriffs and racists like the one that we have all seen in the video."