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Latina Immigrants Raise $30 Million to Help Empower Entrepreneurs

Finance By Antonio Ruiz1408 views
Latina Immigrants Raise $30 Million to Help Empower Entrepreneurs

Excerpt: Huffington Post

Babel Ventures, a Silicon Valley firm founded by two young immigrant Latina entrepreneurs, just announced $30 million raised to help start-ups. These funds aim to empower entrepreneurs, many who struggle to receive funding, with the needed capitol to continue contributing to our economy through their start-ups.

The firm was founded earlier this year by Bárbara Kunde Minuzzi and Daniela Arruda. Both women have experience in raising big dollar funds from high net worth individuals. In the past, Barbara in particular has singlehandedly raised over $250 million for real estate and high tech companies.


While being women-run makes Babel Ventures unique, that the firm is Latina-run makes it a real unicorn in Silicon Valley. Just one-percent of venture capital partners identify as Latino. From what I can tell, besides Barbara and Daniella, none identify as Latina.

“We are outsiders,” Bárbara tells me. “As immigrants we leave everything behind to build something special.  Something that inspires other women, Latinas and immigrants. It’s unique to be part of something different and rarely seen in Silicon Valley.”