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Las Poquianchis: The story of las Hermanas Gonzalez, Mexico's most horrific serial murderers

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Las Poquianchis: The story of las Hermanas Gonzalez, Mexico's most horrific serial murderers

In January of 1964, Catalina Ortega showed up beaten and malnourished at the Judicial Police office in Leon, Guanajuato, and told a dark, horrifying tale about the Gonzalez sisters who kept her captive in their brothel - forcing her into sexual slavery. Authorities at the time had no idea just how twisted things would get.  

Delfina, Maria de Jesus, Carmen and Maria Luisa Gonzalez Valenzuela grew up hungry and abused in El Salto de Juanacatlan, Jalisco. Their father, Isidro Torres was a violent man, who imprisoned his daughters for wearing make-up, and even shot a man dead once in an argument. 

Raised to be cold-hearted and fear poverty, the Gonzalez sisters saved some money and opened a saloon in San Pancho. While the business kept them fed, the sisters decided to aim higher. They began opening up brothels - tripling their cash flow. San Francisco del Rincon, Purisima del Rincon, and Leon in Guanajuato state all received the Gonzalez touch, as well as  El Salto and San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco and  San Juan del Rio, Queretaro state, near Mexico City.

 The sisters would venture out over the country side hunting for the prettiest women. Women who dreamed of one day making it in the big city, and were easily manipulated into going with them when offered jobs in as maids or waitresses. In some cases, the sisters would simply kidnap women with the help of an Army Captain (turned henchman) Hermengildo Zuniga, who was also Delfina's lover.

When a new girl would arrive she quickly realized she would now be living in a nightmare - imprisoned and forced to sell herself to soldiers, councilmen, cops, and villagers. If a girl became pregnant she was beaten until the baby was dead. If a girl got sick because of starvation, an STD, or complications from an abortion she would be starved to death, or beaten by the other women with sticks and logs.


On January 14th, 1964 police raided Loma del Angel ranch after Catalina Ortega escaped. They discovered a dozen women, all malnourished and scared. On the property, underneath the ground, they found over 91 women, men, and fetuses corpses.


The sisters were sentenced to 40 years in prison - a lenient sentence considering the public wanted them lynched.