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Krispy Kreme Cripples Traffic With Anniversary Promotion

Food & Drink By Olivia Cristina1232 views
Krispy Kreme Cripples Traffic With Anniversary Promotion

Krispy Kreme is offering a dozen donuts for 80 cents to celebrate their anniversary...but don't rush out to get yours - you might be gone a while.

Apparently, people driving to their local KK were stuck in traffic for HOURS before even reaching their destination, where the dedicated donut-lovers spent another hour at least in line for their 80-cent dozen...only to realize you have to buy 1 dozen at regular price before you get your under-a-buck box!

"Everybody is getting to work late because of this," one commuter told local news. "They literally should just line up orange cones all the way down 526 and have a designated doughnut lane for whenever they run specials."