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17-Year-Old Muslim Girl Beaten to Death With a Baseball Bat

Culture & Community By Antonio Ruiz7942 views
17-Year-Old Muslim Girl Beaten to Death With a Baseball Bat

The temperature of this country continues to rise, and I'm not talking about global warming, but the tensions between races, culture, and religions. 

Nabra was just a normal Muslim-American teenager who was returning to prayer services with her friends after having gone out for some food. As they made their way back to the Dulles Area Muslim Society Center, the girls were attacked by two men holding baseball bats. 

Everyone dispersed, and it looked like all had gotten away - but when they met back up later they quickly realized that Nabra was missing. 

At 3:00pm that day, police found a young girl's body floating in a pond - a baseball bat nearby. 

Twenty-two-year-old scum bag, Darwin Martinez Torres, was arrested shortly after and charged with murder. No word yet on the second man. 

Police have said there is no evidence yet that this was a hate crime, but these days when we hear stories like this it's difficult to believe it could be anything but.