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Sh*t Latinas Hear On A Date w/a Non-Latino

Comedy By Lexis Pham1959 views
Sh*t Latinas Hear On A Date w/a Non-Latino

Have you ever been stereotyped for being Latino? It's not fun, and it's especially not cute when you're on date.

"I bet your kisses taste spicy!" or "Why don't you invite me to your place and cook some enchiladas for me?"

Um, okay, you want me to clean your house too?     

Your date probably thinks he's just having fun and being flirty, but this is definitely not the way to show his appreciation for your culture.   

If a dude ever tells me to, "Say something in Spanish for me!", I respond, "How about something in Vietnamese?"  Yeah, bc my dad is Vietnamese, bc not all Latinas fit into whatever fetishized stereotype you're playing at.  And then I hit 'em with that Vietnamese - that's right, bro, I'm tri-lingual.

How would you respond if your date acted like this???