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Simple Summer Workouts

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Simple Summer Workouts

As the warmer weather sneaks up on us and it is time to flaunt our summer bodies, we may notice that there is a bit more flab over our abs, or maybe our summer dress strap makes a little fold in our shoulders. Firstly, accept and love yourself, you’re beautiful! I truly believe that when we work our bodies into submission from a place of love we see better results. Secondly...we deal with that extra flab, rest assured.


The iron. The pump. The sweat. Okay, yes I do LOVE to workout, the rush you feel and the achievement of strength and body to me tends to be one of the best feelings you can possibly achieve. We are going to focus on the glutes, shoulders, arms, chest and core.


Throughout each exercise make sure to keep your core tight, and choose an appropriate weight. You should be able to complete all the reps of the exercise with your weight selection, but the last rep should always be a bit of a struggle.


Complete 15 repetitions of each exercise, then move onto the next exercise with no break. Only break after completing all of the exercises, than take a one minute break. Reassess your weights and repeat the circuit four times. Have fun!




  1. Squat to shoulder press. 

    1. 1) Stand with your dumbbells at shoulder height.

    2. 2) Drop into your squat keeping dumbbells at shoulder height.

    3. 3) As you complete your squat shoulder press, keep your glutes and core tight.


Congratulations, that is one rep!




 Row to Deadlift

  1. Start standing with your feet shoulder width apart.

  2. Bend over into a “bent over row” position and complete your row.

  3. Stand back up, squeezing your glutes and core.



Cristian Luecke is an independent personal trainer who is based in San Francisco. He has been training at DIAKADI in San Francisco for five years and has made his passion his life. DIAKADI has been San Francisco Bay Area’s top rated personal training gym for the last 14 years. To learn more about Cristian Luecke visit www.cristianlueckefitness.com

Photos taken by Alex Dalton Media.