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Latino Friends Start Production Company to Better Represent Immigrants

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Latino Friends Start Production Company to Better Represent Immigrants


What do you do when the industry isn’t representing you? Well, start your own production company of course! These three Latinos took their dreams into their own hands and did just that! The trio is about to premiere their first film, which they’ve dedicated to their immigrant parents.

Alberto Barboza, Miguel Ángel Caballero y Luis Aldana have been dreaming and working towards this moment since they started work on “Cry Now” five years ago. Otherwise known as “Llora Ahora,” their first film follows the love story of two Chicanos: he’s a street artist and she does tattoos. 

The three friends met in college and decided to form their own production company because they realized that there weren’t any roles for people like them.


Caballero, who stars in the film spoke to that saying, “When I was little I would watch television and well, the people, the culture, the skin color of the characters that existed in the television, they didn’t look like me. So you start to think, maybe my culture or maybe I’m not good enough to be on screen.”

For these children of immigrants (Aldana’s mother was a domestic worker, Caballero’s parents worked on a farm, and Barboza’s mother was a custodian) Right Now is a way to represent immigration differently than it’s usually portrayed in the media and in film. They want to create a new better, vision of immigrants.

The support of his community and his family was indispensible to get to where they are today. “I didn’t have to work in the fields like the rest of my brothers but I also understand that I’m standing on shoulders of my family,” said a grinning Caballero at the premiere, his mother on his arm.

And the moms themselves are nothing but proud. “His brothers, like me, we’re all so happy and so proud of him” said Luis’s mother. And Barboza’s mother agreed, with a big smile on her face, “This is the beginning of a many achievements.”