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#Adios Starbucks: Mexicanos boycott US companies

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#Adios Starbucks: Mexicanos boycott US companies


The past week has seen a bombardment of Trump policy grenades exploding and wreaking havoc in almost every arena of the federal government.  

Foreign policy has been no exception.

Trump has certainly attempted to make good on his campaign promises to strong arm Mexico, with the result that relations between the two countries are unwinding fast.



Presidente Pena Nieto of Mexico cancelled a meeting between the two heads of state, after the Trump signed an executive order to build the much debated wall. Read more HERE.

But the beef is not just between the heads of state (neither of whom seem to be very well liked by their people).


La gente of Mexico are just as outraged as you can expect, given the river of insults and threats they have heard from the US President. Its a matter of national pride.

Now a social media movement has erupted, urging Mexican citizens to boycott American companies, like Starbucks, Subway, Burger King, and HomeDepot.



Starbucks defended itself against the boycott issuing a statement that its investment in Mexico has helped create 7,000 jobs. 

Governor Alejandro Moreno of the state Campeche, added his support to the mix. He vowed to stop his administration from buying Ford automobiles and called for other Mexican states to join him. 

“It’s time for Mexicans to show what we’re made of,” - Governor Alejandro Moreno

The movement is growing, but will it work? Or will it run out of steam before it makes any difference? After all, how many of you would give up your daily caffeine injection from Starbucks?

If people can unify and commit to this, a boycott is the best leverage that they have.

After all, money is the one thing that business mogul Donald Trump respects. His cabinet appointments, such as Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, show again and again that the Trump administration values business above all else. Threaten the shareholders and maybe they will take things seriously.



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