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I’m 15 Years Old. Please, President Obama, Set Me Free To Live My Life.

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I’m 15 Years Old. Please, President Obama, Set Me Free To Live My Life.


Below is an excerpt from an open letter to the president from Victor, a fifteen year old boy from El Salvador, via the Huffington Post:

I’m 15 Years Old. Please, President Obama, Set Me Free To Live My Life.

I’m 15 years old and I want to ask President Obama to release me and my family from immigration detention. I’ve been locked up since I came to the United States with my mom and asked for asylum. A few years ago, gangs took over our neighborhood in El Salvador and threatened to kill us. Several kids who refused to join the gang had already disappeared — we assume they’re dead  — so my mom and I tried to hide by moving to another town.  But when the gang members came looking for me at my new school, we decided to leave the country. 

Minors resting in a Texas border patrol holding center, 2008

A central american girl in a Texas Border patrol holding center, 2008

We were so happy to get to the United States — we thought the danger was finally behind us. We asked for asylum from immigration officials, thinking they would protect us. Instead, we were locked up and told we’d be deported back to El Salvador. We didn’t even get a real chance to explain our situation to a judge.


we have no control over our lives. Someone else tells us when to wake up, go outside, and shower. We don’t get to decide what to eat, who to see, or what to keep by our beds. My biggest fear is that in the end, we’ll just get sent back to the danger we were trying to escape.


I never thought it would be like this in America. I thought kids like me who are running for their lives would get help.

I spend a lot of time imagining going out, going to a regular school, playing on a soccer team — back home, I played defense, until the police shut down the fields because the gangs were taking over the games.

I’ve changed a lot in here. I try to express myself by drawing and painting, but I don’t draw what I see. I draw what I imagine things would look like in the outside world. I look up soccer fields online in New Jersey where someday I might play.

Read the full letter HERE or on Huffingtonpost.com.

[Victor came to America with his mother to escape the violence of his home.

Now he is improsoned in Berks detention center on the Mexico-US border, and all he wants is Freedom. Isn't that what America is supposed to stand for?

"Victor" is a fake name given to keep him safe.

You may have to think twice, the next time you say "the land of the free."]