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The 'Krispy Kreme Familia' and the black market donuts of Juarez

Culture & Community By Kate Linthicum5276 views
The 'Krispy Kreme Familia' and the black market donuts of Juarez



The addicts pull up just after nightfall near a sedan parked along a busy street in this border city best known for murder. 

One by one, they fork over fistfuls of cash to Sonia Garcia, who reaches into the trunk of her car and hands over the trafficked goods.

“The original — glazed — are the most popular,” Garcia explains. “But, honestly, everybody has their own favorite donut.”

In Juarez, Garcia, 51, and her two sons are the undisputed kings of the Krispy Kreme black market. 

Several times a week, one son crosses the border to El Paso and drives to the Krispy Kreme shop there, where the bulk purchase price is about $5 a dozen. He returns to Mexico with around 40 boxes of doughnuts so habit-forming that comedian Chris Rock once suggested they might be laced with crack.

In Juarez, Garcia and another son sell the doughnuts nightly from two locations for $8 a dozen, or a 60% markup.

Need doughnuts right now? The “Krispy Kreme Familia,” as they are known on their Facebook page, is here to help. They offer a doughnut hotline and will do special deliveries if the order is big enough.