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Ceviche: Peruvian or Mexican?

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Ceviche: Peruvian or Mexican?

Although both Mexican & Peruvian ceviche is marinated with variations of lime-juice, garlic, cilantro, habanero and onions, they vary distinctly in their presentation and size, which affects the entire gastronomic experience. Peruvian Ceviche is typically served with larger chunks of fish (larger pieces of Sea Bass, octopus & scallops) and garnished with larger slices of onion (for example).

Mexican Ceviche, on the other hand, tends to be sliced up into smaller pieces, cured longer and served on a toasted tortilla (called a tostada) or served in a cocktail glass. Mexican Ceviche is also typically hotter (spicy).

There are many nuances to Ceviche; each country (from North America, Central American and the Caribbean) has its own unique flavor and distinction.

Which is your favorite?

Peruvian Ceviche:

Mexican Ceviche