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Can "Whites Only Immigration" Make America Great Again?

Culture & Community By TYT Politics1955 views
Can "Whites Only Immigration" Make America Great Again?

Which is more important? White racial dominance in America, or job creation, economic growth and the fiscal solvency of the U.S. government?

TYT's Eric Byler ( http://Twitter.com/EricByler) spoke to White Nationalist thought leader Jarod Taylor at a recent conference hosted by the National Policy Institute, which many consider to be a racist white supremacist organization. Taylor explains why he feels that such characterizations are unfair, and why an immigration policy that only allows white, English-speaking workers to come to the United States is a necessary counter-measure to decrease racial diversity in America, which he sees as our greatest weakness. This, he feels, is more important than the jobs and economic growth created by immigration.


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