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San Jose Artist Launches Fúchila Fresheners. Que Fresh!

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San Jose Artist Launches Fúchila Fresheners. Que Fresh!

(Photo courtesy Fúchila Fresheners Facebook)   

San Jose artist Ruben Dario Villa, a former Apple designer, has just launched a line of air fresheners inspired by Chicano art and culture. Fúchila Freshners was born out of Ruben's observation of the "little green trees" hanging from people's rear view mirrors.  He wanted something more inspiring and beautiful to represent him, so he designed a line of hip, cool, beautiful air fresheners that he could be proud to hang from his mirror.  Curious about the name? "Fúchila" (pronounced Fu-chee-la) is a term describing something that has a bad smell. Therefore, Fúchila Fresheners aims to get rid of that bad smell, while looking beautiful at the same time!

After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised close to $4,000, Fúchila Fresheners officially launched its online store in January of 2015.  With air fresheners inpired by Selena, Frida Kahlo, and Pancho Villa, there is something for everyone! And at the affordable price of $4.99, you may just want one of each! 

The "Anything for Salinas" is Cranberry Orange scented (photo credit: Fúchila Fresheners website)

The "La Calavera" is scented with Cinnamon (photo credit: Fúchila Fresheners website)

Head to their website for more fun designs!

Want the chance to win some of your own? Join them at their official launch party at Chacho's Mexican Eatery in downtown San Jose on January 31st! There will be live painting session by Francisco Franco, music by DJ TooTall, and raffles to win very own Fúchila Freshener! (fliers via Fúchila Fresheners Facebook)



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