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Are You A Latino in Tech? You Make $16K Less & You're Less Likely To Get Hired.

Blog By Mariah Martinez2639 views
Are You A Latino in Tech? You Make $16K Less & You're Less Likely To Get Hired.

In the heart of Silicon Valley, the tech capital of the world and one of the largest melting pots of diversity, Latinos are still underrepresented.  Not only are we missing from major tech companies, once hired we are making significantly less than our white counterparts.

Diversity reports from major tech companies like Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, and Google show that diversity is practically nonexistent, with employees predominantly white males. Studies show that only 3% of employees at major tech companies in Silicon Valley are Latino.  That number is startling, considering the available pool of resources right here in our backyard.

It’s not that Latinos aren’t getting applicable degrees. Tech companies tend to recruit from top schools like Stanford and Berkeley, while universities with higher rates of Latino graduates get looked over.

But increasing diversity within the tech industry  by hiring more Latinos is only the first step in making progress.  Once hired, Latinos are still not getting equal pay. A study from the American Institute for Economic Research shows that Latinos make $16,353 less, on average, than their non-Latino counterparts.

Why does any of this matter? As our thriving community continues to grow, we will be a large percentage of the users of tech products.  We need to be involved in the creation of these products, or companies risk losing appeal to a key demographic, therefore missing out on billions of dollars in potential revenue.