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10 Things Mexicans Do Better Than Americans

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10 Things Mexicans Do Better Than Americans

The US and Mexico both have many wonderful attributes, but in several cases, Mexico’s are way cooler.


Here are 10 things the country and its people just do better.

Number 10. Professional wrestling. It may have been inspired by the American fan favorite, but Mexico definitely elevated it to a new level. Called lucha libre, it’s grown into a theatrical battle between good and evil.

Number 9. Street food. Sure, hot dogs and big pretzels are nice, but they’re no match for Mexico’s bounty of tacos, filled with everything from slow-roasted pork to cactus.

Number 8. Coke. It’s different there as it includes real cane sugar. In the US high fructose corn syrup is the primary sweetener.

Number 7. Honoring the dead. Dia de los Muertos is a time of celebration anchored in the belief that mourning insults the deceased. Every November 1st tribute is paid with parties, food, and activities the departed enjoyed in life.

Number 6. Soap operas. Called telenovelas, everything about them is decidedly grander than American soaps. The villains are more evil, the plots are thicker, and the drama is more intense.

Number 5. Prescriptions. The prices in Mexico are way lower. So low in fact, Mexican pharmacists’ reportedly estimate 70 percent of their country’s sales are made by Americans looking to save some serious money.

Number 4. Family. American culture places a lot of emphasis on career and independence, so families are often fragmented and living in different locales. In Mexico, one’s relations are paramount and related people typically live in one place.

Number 3. Coming of age parties. Sweet sixteen celebrations are, well, sweet. Quinceañeras on the other hand are lavish, large-scale events to celebrate a young lady’s 15th birthday.

Number 2. Liquor with international appeal. America’s bourbons are starting to earn shelf space in the world’s bars, but they’re no match for Tequila. Mexico exports the spirit to nearly 100 countries. It even has its own day of honor, which is July 24th.

Number 1. Happiness. In the recent World Happiness Report Mexico edged out the US, coming in one place higher at 16th. A separate survey revealed that 85 percent of Mexicans see their days as being filled with more positive than negative happenings.

What do you think Mexico does better?