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"He's Threatening Me": Woman Calls Police On Latino After She Hits HIS Car

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"He's Threatening Me": Woman Calls Police On Latino After She Hits HIS Car

A woman in Santa Barbara, California hit a Latino's car. When he asked for her insurace, she called him an asshole, and then called the police on him. "He's threatening me...I'm afraid."

Turns out, she didn't have her insurance card.

"Right now, this lady just hit my mirror right here," says the young man in the video. "Really easy, just give me the insurance name...but she's going to call the police of course, because I look a certain way. Apparently, I'm threatening.'

Instead of handing over her insurance info, the woman calls the young Latino an asshole and calls the police. She can be heard telling the 911 operator that she's "getting into it" with a man and that she's "afraid."

Fortunately, the Latino, who was wearing scrubs and appears to be one of our frontline workers, kept his cool and recorded the whole incident.

"All I've asked for so far is her insurance. Because she hit my mirror, she doesn't want to do it," he says calmly.

"I'm going to give you the fucking insurance goddamnit," she yells. 

"Then why are you calling the police?" he responds.

"Because I'm afraid of you!" she shouts.

"She's afraid of me because I'm Mexican. I was born here, I'm Mexican American. I haven't even screamed at her, I haven't yelled at her. She just hit my car and she wants to make herself a victim...this is just what I have to deal with now," he says.

Ultimately, the woman admits that she doesn't have her insurance card. She created the entire situation and potentially endangered the life of a young brown man because she didn't have her insurance info handy.

Calling the police on a person of color can potentially be very dangerous, even deadly, and it should not be taken lightly.


A woman called the police on a young Latino after she hit HIS car. "He's threatening me." "She's 'afraid' of me because...

Posted by LatinLive on Monday, July 27, 2020


Karen calls endanger lives and waste police and emergency operator time, as well as taxpayer dollars. They should be considered a criminal offense.

San Francisco has already introduced the CAREN Act, which would make Karen calls illegal, and a bill was proposed in New York to investigate these calls as hate crimes. Other cities are also considering criminal penalties like fines, sensitivity training, and even jail time.

The laws cannot be passed quickly enough.