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VIDEO: He Beat An Elotero, Then "He Got Karma"

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VIDEO: He Beat An Elotero, Then "He Got Karma"

A young man apparently beat an elderly elotero because "he didn't want to give him money." Then he got a beat down of his own.

"A guy hit the elotero because he didn't want to pay, he got karma," reads the caption above a video in which a young Latino gets a fistful of street justice.

The video begins with a vehicle pulling up to a young Latino in the street. The Latina driving calls out the window to him, "You're beating up on old people?" while her passenger films.

"You're beating up on old people?" she repeats as she approaches the young Latino. Then another Latino appears from the side and lands a heavy punch to the elotero-beater's face.

A third Latino comes in from the other side...and the street justice is served. 


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"Okay, that's enough," says the tallest Latino after a few seconds, and they walk off, leaving the elotero-beater lying on the sidewalk.

"He hit the elotero because he didn't want to give him money. That's messed up," says the Latina when someone asks her what happened as she heads back to her car.

It's unclear whether the young man didn't want to pay for his elote, or he wanted to steal money from the elotero.

After the beatdown, the crew head over to where the elderly elotero is sitting on a bench waiting for the bus.

"Hey ya lo agaramos, we got that fool," they report to him through the window of their vehicle.

"Ya lo chingamos. Lo dormimos," they assure him and another Latino who approaches, shaking hands with them.

"Should happen to any person who touches the elote man period," commented a user, echoing the sentiments of the majority of people commenting on the video.

"Love this! Us blacks need to do more of this," writes another.

Other commenters say the older man was not an elotero, that he just waiting for the bus when the young assailant tried to get money from him, then beat him when the older man wouldn't give him any.

A few days ago, a similar attack occurred during which two suspects viciously beat and robbed an 80-year-old Latino man in the bathroom of a California Superior, putting him in the ICU. The victim, Roberto Lopez Flores, is a grandfather of 17. He will likely need extensive reconstructive surgery.

Donate to Roberto's GoFundMe. Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to contact police via tip line or at lacrimestoppers.org

Attacks on street vendors and elders are a growing and disturbing trend.

Street vendors and the elder generation are some of the most vulnerable among us. Many are undocumented and make easy targets because people know they are unlikely to go to the police.

Support street vendors, protect your elders.