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Autopsy Reveals Andres Guardado Was Shot Five Times In The Back By Police

Culture & Community By O. DELGADO
Autopsy Reveals Andres Guardado Was Shot Five Times In The Back By Police

An independent autopsy confirms witness testimony that police shot 18-year-old Andres Guardado in the back.

Police refused to release any information about the nature of Andres' death, put a hold on the teen's autopsy, destroyed security cameras, and illegally confiscated footage. Now, an independent autopsy has confirmed witness testimony that police in an unmarked car shot Andres in the back five times, killing him as he knelt.

Desperate for answers that police denied them, Andres Guardado's family hired forensic pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu to perform a second autopsy.

Dr. Omalu determined that Andres had indeed been shot in the back, five times, with a sixth shot grazing his arm. The 18-year-old aspiring nursing student died of these wounds. 

The independent autopsy showed Andres had no drugs or alcohol in his system when he was killed by police who pulled up on him in an unmarked car, guns drawn, while he was patrolling the autobody shop where he worked as a security guard, one of two jobs he held down while attending school doing the day.

Andres' family is asking the police to release not just the security hold on the Medical Examiner's autopsy report, but to release all the evidence they have in their son's case.

Their lawyer, Nicholas Yoka, "We are once again imploring the Sheriff's Department to step forward...and do the right thing by this family."

"Our son did not deserve to die this way," said Andres' family in a statement. "We are going to continue to keep fighting for justice for Andres. We want to ensure that other families do not have to suffer as we have."


Reporting by Olivia Cristina Delgado
IG: @oliviacristinadelgado
Twitter: @olivdelgadodice


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