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'De Mi Rancho A Tu Cocina's' Doña Ángela Named To Forbes' 'Most Powerful Women'

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'De Mi Rancho A Tu Cocina's' Doña Ángela Named To Forbes' 'Most Powerful Women'

The abuela from Michoacán has almost 3 million YouTube subscribers from all over the world.

Doña Ángela posted her first video, a recipe for huitlacoche, to YouTube in August of last year - and a star was born. 

Doña Ángela's channel, "De Mi Rancho A Tu Cocina," now has 2.88 million followers and growing. Fans from around the world have even offered to translate her videos into different languages.

Each video begins with a greeting from Doña Ángela. "Hola mi gente," she says before introducing the day's recipe, filmed with the help of her daughter and family.

Viewers join Doña Ángela as she makes traditional Mexican food on a woodfired stove, roasting tomatoes and chiles she's picked herself on a blackened comal. She picks many of her ingredients fresh from around her home in el rancho Pablo Cuin in Ario de Rosales, Michoacán, taking the time to explain why and how she chooses each nopal or hierba.

All the while, you can hear children and animals in the background. It almost feels like you're there. You can practically smell the masa.

For those of us with family ties to ranchitos back in Mexico, the nostalgic appeal of the videos is irresistible. It's a slice of home, even if you were born right here in the states. "I’m everyone’s tía and everyone’s abuela," says Doña Angela.

For others, it's a window into a world that hardly ever gets any mainstream exposure at all, the lives of Mexico's rural and indigenous people.

And Doña Ángela is also documenting and preserving traditional recipes that might otherwise be lost in an era of processed, ready-made foods.

In recognition of her influence and contribution to promoting the renown of Mexico's food and culture, Forbes Mexico has named Doña Ángela to its list of Mujeres Poderosas, along with actress and activist Yalitza Aparicio and chef Daniela Soto-Innes, who last year was named the best chef in the world.

But, it's clear that Doña Ángela believes herself to be in the running for that title, and millions of people agree. No false modesty for this abuela, she knows her food is good and she tells you so.

And, when she sits down to enjoy a plate of what she's prepared at the end of each video - you can tell that it is.

Felicidades Doña Ángela, siguele!