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"Go Back To Mexico" Karen Smashes Latino's Car, Gets Thrown In Bush By Black Neighbor

Culture & Community By A. RUIZ
"Go Back To Mexico" Karen Smashes Latino's Car, Gets Thrown In Bush By Black Neighbor

"Tell me to go back somewhere b*tch...I'm sick and tired of you racist b*tches."

Karen strikes again, this time with hammers, smashing a Latino's car. But justice strikes back swiftly when the Latino's neighbor shows up, grabs Karen by the hair, and throws her in a bush.

Karens aren't getting away with it anymore.

A woman in L.A. confronted her Latino neighbors with hammers, one in each hand, smashing up one of their cars and yelling for them to "Get the f*** out of this neighborhood," calling them other expletives before attacking their recycling bins with her hammers.

Edy Perez, who posted the videos, told TMZ that this woman has been "hurling racial epithets" at him and his roommates since they moved in last year.

As Edy's sister is on the phone with the police, another neighbor shows up - and this badass black woman has had enough.

"Tell me to go back somewhere, b*tch," she yells as she holds Karen firmly by the hair. "I am not a motherf***er to be played with...I am sick and tired of you racist b*tches," she says before shoving Karen into a bush, hammers and all.

Although Karen was arrested, according to TMZ, she was released the next day.

Edy says his insurance does not cover vandalism, so he has started a GoFundMe to help pay for the cost of repair.

Please stop accusing protesters of looting and vandalism.

We know who the real looters and vandals are.