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Finally, A Taco Truck That Drives Around Like An Ice Cream Truck

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Finally, A Taco Truck That Drives Around Like An Ice Cream Truck

Three Latinos pioneered a business to bring tacos, and everything else, to your neighborhood.

Although places are opening back up, people are still much more likely to order in.

So, "If your customers can’t come to you, then why not take the restaurant to them?," propose three 24-year-old Latinos from South Los Angeles.

According to L.A. Taco, Gabriel Gamez, Alberto Rivera, and Enrique Loyola wanted to make a positive impact in the midst of the pandemic.

Gabriel told L.A. Taco they were actually inspired by the cruising taco truck meme.

"We came across that meme that said, please consider having taco trucks cruise the streets like ice cream trucks and it triggered this idea."

The idea is to "bring family-owned businesses to your community."

"We’ve been considering investing in a food truck ourselves to supplement our income, but it’s a huge commitment," says Tirsa of Tirsa’s Love, a Mexican food restaurant whose Instagram profile features mouthwatering birria tacos, loaded nachos, chilaquiles, Flaming Hot Cheeto esquites, mazapan frappes, and even keto burritos.

That's where the three Latino entrepreneurs come in. Their company, On The Go LA, helps local businesses rent food trucks so that they can bring their food to your street.

Tirsa, the first to try the new concept, told L.A. Taco that she "jumped on this opportunity immediately."

"It’s so much cheaper this way, and we always thought that meme was such a cool idea. On The Go LA is giving us a chance to get this experience we can’t get anywhere else to help us determine if this is a goal we want, along with giving us a chance to market ourselves in other communities."

The only way this could get more perfect is if they cruised with booze.

Oh wait, they do.

Their next partnership is with Papa Panchos Tacos, which serves beer, miches, and margaritas.

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My wallet and chanclas are by the door. 


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