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Karen Tells Latina To Go Back To Mexico And Gets Slapped

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Karen Tells Latina To Go Back To Mexico And Gets Slapped

"I was born in America, b----. Where are YOUR ancestors from?"

"You don't serve her," Karen tells the cashier, before turning to the young Latina. "You're going back to Mexico," Karen says, and grabs the Latina's arm. Then Karen gets slapped. WE. DON'T. PLAY.

Karen strikes again, this time in a Pheonix gas station, where a video shows a middle-aged woman telling a young Latina to "go back to Mexico" and instructing the cashier not to serve her.

In the video, the woman, who has been identified as Tamara Lynn, tells 31-year-old Mexican-American Karina Rodriguez, "You need to leave, we're not serving you."

"Are you the manager?" Karina asks her.

"Yes," replies Tamara, "we're not going to serve you." Tamara is not the gas station's manager, she is the co-owner of Harian Law Firm in Glendale, Arizona. 

"You told her she needs to go back to her country?" says the man filming, who's video handle identifies him as Greg Conn.

"This is my country," says Karina. "Native Americans are from this country."

"You don't serve her," Tamara tells the cashier, before turning to the man filming and telling him to leave. "You need to leave, you're not a part of this." This "Karen" clearly thinks she is in charge.

"Where were you born?" Tamara demands of Karina, who quickly responds, "Where were YOU born? I was born in America, b----, where are YOUR ancestors from? They're not from this country."

Incensed, Tamara tells Karina, "You're going back to Mexico."

Then, she accuses Karina of laying hands on her, though the man filming says Karina clearly did not.

Tamara proceeds to get in Karina's face and then actually grabs Karina's arm. At which point, Karina has had enough and defends herself, slapping Karen across the face.

We've all had enough. The racism in this country has gone far enough, and we're not going to take it anymore.

"Me dolio mucho el corazon. Llore mucho. Me da mucha tristeza que esto pase./My heart really hurt. I cried a lot. It really saddens me that these things happen," Karina told Telemundo.

"Ahorita la gente se esta sintiendo mas apoderada por las palabras de Donald Trump, sintiendose que ellos pueden salir a la calle y abusar de nosotros./Right now, people are feeling empowered by the words of Donald Trump, feeling like they can go out into the street and abuse us."

After Tamara was identified and her law firm received hundreds of negative reviews (see below), her husband, a lawyer at the firm, came forward and apologized, saying her behavior was due to mental illness. And, actually, some have theorized that racism is a mental illness. If so, a significant percentage of this nation is mentally ill.

We can't be in everyone's homes, teaching their children that racism is wrong, but we can turn out and vote out the elected officials who embolden racism and stoke the fires of division.

And, when it's appropriate self-defense, we can slap a Karen.

"You deserved it," says the man filming as the Karen exits the gas station holding her face.

Yes, she did.

UPDATE: Tamara Lynn works as the operations manager of Harrian Law Firm in Glendale, Arizona. People have been leaving reviews...

"They told my Nigerian wife to go back to Mexico."

"I went to ask about my divorce and she deported me. 1 star. Would not recommend."

"I would not recommend, the place is filthy and smells terrible. They also have a rat which apparently goes by the name of Tamara Lynn. It attempted to bite me because according to the receptionist she became aggravated by my appearance."

"The operations manager...called me a racial slur and told me to go back to my country. Mind you I was born in Memphis, Tennessee. She was offended that I can speak two languages better than she can speak her one...She put her hands on me and told me to leave. I will be pressing charges shortly."

"I went in for a consultation. They told me they don't speak 'Taco Bell.' I was shocked by this and immediately threw my dorito taco at her. Worst service ever."

"I wouldn't recommend going here unless your parents are siblings."

"I would not recommend this place to ANYONE with a brain. All I asked was a simple yes or no question, and she told me that she hopes I choke on a horchata. I am suing for emotional distress."

"Tamara called us chin* ch*ng and told me to speak English even though I was translating for my mom. Mom told me to poke her eyes with the chopstick, but Tamara's sunglasses got in the way."

"I called in inquiring about my divorce. As soon as she heard by accent she told me to go back to Mexico. I politely told her I'm not from Mexico, she was super rude so I told her to go back to England. She said she'd prefer to be a prostitute than being Hispanic. I hope she eventually gets slapped at a store by a beautiful lady."

"You play stupid games you win stupid prizes. Everyone and they mama felt that slap."

"Just came here to buy a cheeseburger ended up being told to go back to my country."

"Tamara...ooo0h you about to lose yo job...oooh you about to lose your job."

Someone even suggested changing the location category to "Public Bathroom."

So many people have been leaving reviews, Google actually turned off the function.


Y’all Ive been laughing for the past Hour!! You know the Phoenix “Karen” who got slapped after harassing a young women...

Posted by Ubah Hashim on Sunday, June 7, 2020