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Black Protesters Link Arms To Protect Police Officer Separated From His Squad

Culture & Community By R. VALLEJO13241 views
Black Protesters Link Arms To Protect Police Officer Separated From His Squad

Last Thursday, a group of black protest organizers in Louisville formed a human chain to protect an officer who had been separated from his squad.

"The protest organizers surrounded the officer and joined arms to make sure that the crowd did not touch him," reads the caption on the series of powerful photos captured in Louisville by photojournalist Michael Clevenger and published by the Courier-Journal.

With the vast majority of media coverage focused on riots, the national focus has shifted from demanding justice for black men and women wrongfully killed by police to condemning acts of violence and looting.

But the rioting does not reflect all or even the majority of protests and protesters, and has overshadowed powerful moments of humanity, compassion, and solidarity throughout the nation.

In another part of Louisville, white women formed their own human chain, using their bodies to protect black protestors. 

A photo and video out of Camden, New Jersey show police officers joining the march, while the city's police chief himself holds the lead banner, which reads, "Solidarity."

In the majority-black city of Newark, the mayor marched with protesters and demonstrations were "100% peaceful."

Again, the vast majority of protesters were not looting or setting fire to Target, they were marching, chanting, even dancing for justice, or holding moments of silence to honor George Floyd, and the many other black and brown men and women who have been killed.

Keep protesting, keep raising your voices, and never forget that the true enemy is injustice. Our strength lies in our unity.